Daughter of Autumn

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Daughter of Autumn
Birthplace Ulgrotha
Lifetime Created ~3580 AR
Race Avatar

The Daughter of Autumn is an avatar of the Autumn Willow on Ulgrotha.

The tale of the Daughter of Autumn is a common one throughout the Homelands, and most people seem to dream of her from time to time. These stories speak of a beautiful woman appearing out of thin air and rescuing lost children from danger, as well as the occasional wandering woodsman getting led safely out of the Great Wood by a misty apparition. She has become an important part of the myths and tales of the lands, and represents the power of nature over the land.[1]

The origin of this helpful creature are linked to that of the Autumn Willow, who appears from time to time to help someone in need. Her daughter is merely her avatar, who fights for the innocent and nature. Her very presence is so strong that it will cause people to dream of her and of the Great Wood where she lives.[2] Multiple daughters are known to exist in the same time.[3]

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