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Dan Emmons is former Magic player from Woodbury, Connecticut and former designer at Wizards of the Coast.

As a young player Emmons played in the finals of the Junior Super Series 2003.[1] In 2010 he was working at Wizards of the Coast for Game Support.[2] That year he was one of 101 people who passed the multiple choice test in The Great Designer Search 2, but he didn't make it to the main show. Nonetheless, he was hired as a part-time member of both the digital design team and the Magic design team.[3] In the Search, he designed a mechanic similar to cipher.[4] One of Dan's projects during the design of Gatecrash was to take a look at all the Planeswalkers and collect information about what were supposed to be their defining qualities.[5]

Dan left WotC in May 2014. He is now working with Extra Credits, a web video series about the cultural and design aspects of games and video games in particular, and can be found on twitter as @EC_OtherDan.




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