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Cullinarn was the master of the House of Oor-tael in Estark , on Dominaria, and the father of Garth One-eye.[1] He was tall, red-haired, with beard and mustache cropped short, and wore a circlet of turquoise stones upon his brow.

In his youth, he had saved the life of his friend, Grand Master Kuthuman, from an assassin; he carried the marks of that poisoned dagger until his death. He resisted to Kuthuman when the Master of Arena ordered Oor-tael to surrender its blue and green mana, fearing that Kuthuman would become a tyrant after his ascension. Zarel then convinced Kuthuman to ally with the other House Masters and storm the building of Oor-tael. Cullinarn was killed in the subsequent Night of Fire.

Cullinarn was a master of invisibility.[1]

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