Council of Mages

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The Council of Mages was a group wizards on Terisiare that tried to contain the atrocities of Urza and Mishra during the Brothers' War on Dominaria. Members included representatives of the College of Lat-Nam, Argivians, Argothians and Citanul Druids, the Brotherhood of Gix and assorted ununited warmages.

As the first members the Archmandrite of the Ivory Tower invited the Abbot of Gix, Hurkyl of Lat-Nam, a delegate from the Yumok nation (Chayum-Icha of the Ingatl tribe) and !kathwar chief of the Malpiri clan, representing the Sardinian people. The meeting of the Council of Mages in the western rift of Terisiare marked the first step toward understanding the interrelated forces of mana. Ironically, if it were not for the conflict between Urza and Mishra, this first step might never have been taken.

The Council of Mages went underground during the Dark Age. In this time it was led by Barl, and threatened by Mairsil.