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Corsen Mon Duur was a Dwarf summoned by a planeswalker and left behind. Corsen made his way to Grover’s where he found Loot Niptil. There, he told Loot that he had been attacked by kobolds at the Peregrinator Complex and that there was a woman there by the name of Anayatha who looked a lot like Loot, and may have been his daughter. This turned out to be a lie.

At the Peregrinator Complex[edit | edit source]

Dreadfang, a kobold, held Corsen’s brother and nephew and forced Corsen to lure Loot to him. Dreadfang needed Loot to defeat a powerful planeswalker curse guarding a treasure trove within the complex. The kolbold sought a suit of armor that would heal his body but dared not take it because of the curse. Loot, without a name, Dreadfang reasoned, should be immune to the curse, which read:

Wary must be he who steps yet closer
To this treasury filled with things of fame
Enter here and steal just one,
And Cursed will be all of your name!

Corsen checked on his shackled kin, while Loot did as he was told and retrieved the armor. A short battle ensued in which Loot attacked Dreadfang, only to slip and fall. Then Loot got to his feet with a smile, claiming the blow to the head had restored his memory and that he was a planeswalker. Dreadfang did not believe, but was soon dead.

Corsen, along with the cat warriors Kyyrao and Shinra, knelt before the god.

Loot explained that because his name was ‘Loot’, the loot was cursed, that he was not, in fact, a planeswalker.

The party made to leave the complex, Corsen’s kin being no worse for the wear, when the dwarfs began to drag their feet. They claimed that it pained them to leave so much treasure behind. Loot gave the matter a little thought, then claimed that the rest of the treasure was indeed trash, and not loot at all, and that they ought to clean the trash out.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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