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Core Set 2019/Changes

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Comparison to Magic Origins[edit | edit source]

Core Set 2019 contains 282 cards that were not printed in Magic Origins, including 181 cards that had never been printed before.

The only returning cards besides the basic lands are:

Color Name
{W} Knightly Valor
{W} Mighty Leap
{U} Bone to Ash
{U} Disperse
{B} Infernal Scarring
{B} Macabre Waltz
{B} Mind Rot
{R} Act of Treason
{R} Boggart Brute
{R} Shivan Dragon
{G} Plummet
{G} Titanic Growth

Other reprints[edit | edit source]

These are the other reprints. A + after the card name indicates a card that has never been in a core set before. A ! after the card name indicates a card that hasn't been Modern legal before. None features new artwork.


Shifts in rarity[edit | edit source]

Down[edit | edit source]

Up[edit | edit source]