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Contraption is an artifact subtype. Currently, it is only mentioned on Steamflogger Boss from Future Sight.

It is associated with the assemble keyword action. This possible future mechanic has curently no definition in the Comprehensive Rules. It was stated that Contraptions were meant as a joke, and while there is no current plan to give the subtype further meaning, it is not confirmed that they never will.[1]

Forsythe's statement ensured that players wanted it and they’ve bugged Mark Rosewater about it ever since. Several years back, Rosewater vowed to figure out contraptions’ design before he would retire.[2] Kaladesh seemingly fitted the right circumstances for contraptions, but Rosewater argued against it.[3][4]

Contraptions will finally be seen properly in silver border Unstable, as revealed by Mark Rosewater at SDCC 2017.[5] All creatures that make them are Riggers.

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