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Construct is a catch-all artifact creature type used for artificial life-forms powered by mechanical means. Constructs are different from golems, which are created through magic, but there is some degree of ambiguity between these types in the game.[1] They can be thought of as robots or automatons and come in a wide variety of forms, often imitating organic life.

The first creature to bear the construct type was Bronze Bombshell in Dissension, though many cards from Antiquities were later issued errata in the Grand Creature Type Update to become constructs as well.

Notable Constructs[edit | edit source]

Construct tokens[edit | edit source]

Token Color Type P/T Additional Rules Source Printings
Construct Colorless Artifact Creature — Construct 1/1 Defender
Colorless Artifact Creature — Construct 6/12 Trample
Colorless Artifact Creature — Construct X/X
named Twin
Colorless Artifact Creature — Construct X/X

References[edit | edit source]