Commander 2013

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Commander 2013
Set Information
Set symbol
Design Mark L. Gottlieb (lead)
Dan Emmons
Ethan Fleischer
Scott Larabee
Steve Warner
Development Billy Moreno (lead)
Ethan Fleischer
Ron Foster
Mark Globus
Dave Guskin
with contributions from
Matt Tabak
Art direction Jeremy Jarvis
Release date November 1, 2013
Themes and
Shard-colored commanders,
Command zone interaction, Curses
Keywords and/
or ability words
Tempting offer
Set size Five three-color 100-card decks
Expansion code C13[1]
Commander series
Commander's Arsenal Commander 2013 Commander 2014
Magic: The Gathering chronology
Theros Commander 2013 Born of the Gods

Commander 2013 Edition is a product in the Commander series that was released by Wizards of the Coast in November 2013.[2] It was announced at the Magic panel at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 20, 2013.

Set details

The Commander 2013 product consists of five tri-color 'shard' decks, each 100 cards strong, that are ready-to-play commander decks right out of the box, with the option of choosing one of the three legendary tri-colored creatures each deck includes as the commander.[3][4][5]

There are 15 new cards in each deck; 51 new cards in total.[6] These are legal in Eternal formats (Vintage and Legacy) but they are not legal in Standard, Block Constructed, or Modern.[7]

Commander 2013 introduced cards that interact with the Command Zone (Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, Oloro, Ageless Ascetic and Opal Palace and the ability word Tempting offer which only appeared on sorceries.[8]

Magic Story

Main article: Magic Story
Title Author Release Date Setting (plane) Featuring
The Perfect Gift Nik Davidson 2013-10-16 Fiora Sydri


Commander 2013 has nine cycles:

Theme decks

Commander 2013 consists of five decks:[3]

deck name
Color Identity Commander
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Evasive Maneuvers W U G Derevi, Empyrial Tactician
Eternal Bargain W U B Oloro, Ageless Ascetic
Mind Seize U B R Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge
Power Hungry B R G Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
Nature of the Beast W R G Marath, Will of the Wild

The new cards are evenly distributed amongst the five decks.[10]

Notable cards

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