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Race Human
Birthplace Corondor, Dominaria
Lifetime Unknown, died 1281 by the Reckoning of the Sages

Coldraith was a wizard of Golthonor. In the years 1280 and 1281 by the Reckoning of the Sages of Minorad, Coldraith diverted the flow of water of the Golthonor Torrent from the Great Salt Marshes of Western Golthonor to the Plains of Coloni, which would prevent an invasion by Ravidel through the waterways.

He had an army of brass men led by his spellsquire, and commanded a devouring deep. He remained safe inside his fortress, Coldraith's Keep, until Altair of Coloni and Caliphear the Nightmare led an army into the keep, where Coldraith was killed by Caliphear.