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In Magic, Class is a subset of the characteristic "Creature type". Most humanoid creatures have at least two creature types: race and class. Whereas race (such as human, elf, or goblin) is a matter of genetics, a creature's class (such as soldier, wizard, or rogue) represents their function, occupation, career or calling in life.

Statistically speaking, as of Ravnica Allegiance the most common class is Warrior (691), followed by Wizard (685) and then Soldier (642).

Class Description Gatherer
Advisor Tacticians, courtiers, ministers, and others known for their wisdom. Search
Alchemist People who practice alchemy, a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy.
Ally People or creatures that have joined together in an association for mutual benefit or to achieve some common purpose. Search
Archer Combatants who specialize in fighting with bow and arrows. Search
Army A unit that is part of some military service.
Artificer Those who specialize in working with artifacts. Search
Assassin Specialists in targeted killing. Search
Barbarian Unorganized fighters, usually from primitive and/or uncivilized cultures. Search
Berserker Combatants who enter a frenzy in battle, gaining great speed and battle prowess. Search
Bodyguard People employed to guard an individual, often a high official or VIP, from bodily harm.
Bureaucrat People who run a government and do everything according to the rules.
Cleric . Spellcasters who channel the power of their faith in a cause or higher being into potent magic. Search
Coward People who lack courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition or pain.
Druid Masters of magic powered by faith, and strongly tied to plants, animals, fertility, the element of earth, and the land about them. Search
Elder Used on venerable creatures to denote their importance. Search
Flagbearer Soldiers or civilians who bear a standard or flag, which is used as a formal, visual symbol of a military unit on the battlefield. Search
Guardian Creatures which guard, protect, or preserve.
Hero Characters who, in the face of danger, display courage and the will for self sacrifice for some greater good.
Knight Highly-trained combatants who are usually part of a formal army or cavalry, usually specializing in fighting on horseback with a sword or lance. Search
Lord Creatures with an occupation of high class or power within a structure or organization.
Mage A magician or learned person.
Mercenary Individuals who sell their services in combat for money. Search
Minion Those who work the will of overtly evil forces or organizations. Search
Monk Individuals who have devoted their lives to quiet introspection and meditation, though many monks are skilled at magic, martial arts, or both. Search
Mystic People adept at channeling mana with their faith, learned through careful meditation. Search
Ninja Masters of both stealth and armed combat who may find employment as spies, warriors, mercenaries and assassins. Search
Nomad Members from uncivilized tribes who wander open spaces in closely-knit groups. Search
Pilot Persons who fly a skyship, air balloon or other vehicle. Search
Pirate Motley fighters and scoundrels who sail the sea and skies to loot and plunder the unexpecting. Search
Praetor Leaders of dark forces. Search
Rebel Individuals who fight against oppression or just to survive. Search
Rigger Creatures that specialize in the lifting and moving of extremely large or heavy objects. Search
Rogue Those who live by their wits, using stealth and cunning to make their way in life. Search
Samurai Warriors who have sworn their service and their lives to a single authority figure, usually a feudal lord. Search
Scout Individuals who are adept at getting along in the wild, often sharing the benefits of their prowess with others. Search
Shaman Protectors and spiritual leaders among the more primitive races. Their magic comes from rituals, lore, and years of practice. Search
Soldier Trained combatants who are part of a formal army. They are adept at fighting in concert and overwhelming the enemy. Search
Spellshaper Spellcasters who devote themselves to perfecting a single spell or selection of spells. Search
Tactician People who are good at making plans in order to achieve particular goals.
Townsfolk Humans without a specific occupation.
Warrior Combatants who fight alone or in loose hordes. Search
Wizard Masters of channeling mana into powerful spells. Search