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Chondeah (sometimes spelled Chondaeh), was a young woman from the Kingdom of Shikar who was determined to be the most powerful wizard in the kingdom.[1][2]

She was trained by the Shikaran Sages to become powerful enough to summon a Scarzam Dragon for Sol'Kanar the Swamp King on the Date of Tribute. She fell in love with Jinno Terimund, who was killed by Khonian arrows after discovering their treacherous plans to control the dragon rather than giving it to Sol’Kanar. After fifteen years, she allied with Gydolien Mor from the Kingdom of Khone and the dragon was summoned. Chondeah had manipulated the dragon into attacking Sol'Kanar though. Gydolien forced it back through the portal they created, but Sol’Kanar destroyed the Kingdom of Khone, aparently under the impression it was Gydolien who had set him up. Chondaeh was received as a hero by her people, and Shikar began to return to its former glory.

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