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Charles Gindy
Nickname The Kid
Born June 27, 1985
Residence Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Nationality {USA} American
Professional Career
Pro Tour debut Pro Tour Houston 2002
Pro Tour top 8s 1 (1 win)
Grand Prix top 8s 4 (1 win)
Median Pro Tour Finish 129
Pro Tours Played 12
Lifetime Pro Points 90 (as of 2018-08-14)
Pro Tour Champion

Charles Gindy is an American former professional player. His accomplishments include a Pro Tour win at PT Hollywood 2008, winning the 2009 United States national championships, and four Grand Prix top eights including a win. Gindy has been considered a specialist at the Team Limited format, with three of his top eights, including the win at GP Washington, D.C. in 2004, coming from Team Limited Grand Prix events.

At the 2009 World Championships, Gindy received a disqualification for fraud, intentionally allowing a Master of the Wild Hunt to be misplayed.[1] This resulted in the ineligibility of the United States national team in the competition. The disqualification was widely debated in the Magic community afterwards.[2][3]


Season Event type Location Format Date Rank
2002–03 Grand Prix Pittsburgh Team Limited 31 May–1 June 2003 2
2003–04 Grand Prix Washington, D.C. Team Limited 17–18 April 2004 1
2005 Grand Prix Chicago Team Limited 18–19 December 2004 2
2008 Pro Tour Hollywood Standard 23–25 May 2008 1
2009 Nationals Kansas City Standard and Booster Draft 24–26 July 2009 1
2011 Grand Prix Atlanta Extended 22–23 January 2011 7


Pro Tour results[edit]

List of the Pro Tour results and winnings of Charles Gindy
Season Pro Tour Format Finish Winnings
2002–03 Houston Extended 122
2003–04 Amsterdam Rochester Draft 327
2003–04 Seattle Team Limited 46
2005 Atlanta Team Limited 21
2008 Hollywood Standard 1 $40,000
2008 Berlin Extended 138
2008 Worlds (Memphis) Special 56 $590
2009 Kyoto Standard and Booster Draft 79
2009 Honolulu Block Constructed and Booster Draft 166
2009 Austin Extended and Booster Draft 381
2009 Worlds (Rome) Special DQ
2012 Avacyn Restored in Barcelona Block Constructed and Booster Draft 36 $1,500
2014–15 Fate Reforged in Washington, D.C. Modern and Booster Draft 275


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