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Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Unknown
Race Planeswalker
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Chaney was an archdruid during Modern Times on Aerona on Dominaria.[1] By her own accord she was able to planeswalk, but hadn't done so in many years. She healed Greensleeves' broken ankle and Gull's knee.

Chaney taught Greensleeves how to harness mana and planeswalking. During her training, Greensleeves found out that time in Chaney's house flew differently and what seems to be mere days, were indeed years. When Gull and the rest of the army finally found her, Greensleeves had grown up and become a much more skilled wizard.

Chaney suffered a severe stroke, with half her body limp. When she died, her life force was absorbed by Greensleeves. In Final Sacrifice she returned as a shade, similar to a ghost and in an idealized form.

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