Allav Hask

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Birthplace Dominaria
Lifetime sometime after the Phyrexian Invasion
Race Human
'Dragons: Worlds Afire'

Captain Allav Hask was the leader of a group of four human soldiers from Dominaria, including Trooper Fost, and the golem Boom. He was a carrier of the Hand of Righteous Retribution, a powerful magical sword, and was enlisted by Vaan to kill a dragon. As this dragon had killed some of his men, Hask was more than willing to join Vaan's group.

Hask fought hard against the dragon, and did tremendous damage to it with the energies from the Hand of Righteous Retribution, but he did not know he had to kill the dragon and another draconic skeleton it was linked to at the same time to permanently defeat it. After a part of the dragon's lair collapsed Hask was trapped under rubble. In a delirious state, he did not want to give the Hand to fellow group member Tania Cayce, who did know how to kill the dragon. Tania gave Hask a sleeping potion and took the sword, apparently slaying the dragon with it.

Hask survived the battle with the dragon, but of his men only one soldier and Boom did too. The Hand of Righteous Retribution had disapeared in the chaos.