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Common is one of the four rarities of Magic cards. Cards that are of the common rarity are often referred to as "commons." Commons are the most abundant cards and are considered to have the highest card impact in Limited play as a result. They have been identified by a black-filled expansion symbol since the Exodus expansion, except in the Coldsnap expansion where it was denoted by a white symbol. In sets printed before Exodus rarity was not denoted on cards.

Appearance in boosters[edit | edit source]

15-card booster packs usually contain 11 commons. Some of the earliest expansions; including Arabian Nights, Antiquities, The Dark, Fallen Empires, and Homelands; were packaged in 8-card booster packs that contained six commons. The Alliances and Chronicles expansions were sold in 12-card booster packs that contained 9 commons.

Different kinds of commons[edit | edit source]

Expansions through Alliances, excluding Ice Age, had some common and uncommon cards that were actually more prevalent than others. This was the result of some cards appearing more often than others on the printer's sheet of uncut cards. For example, Headless Horseman is a "C1" common, and Ghosts of the Damned is a "C2" common. This code represents the number of times the card appears on the common printer's sheet of uncut cards, making "C2" commons twice as abundant as "C1" commons.

New World Order[edit | edit source]

New World Order refers towards R&D's movement towards putting less complexity in the common rarity slot. The concept was introduced in 2008.

Pauper Magic[edit | edit source]

Magic Online features the Pauper Magic format, which is restricted to common cards.

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