Buzzard's Bay

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Buzzard's Bay is a huge bay that lies on the Storm Coast, in south-western Jamuraa, on Dominaria.

The Storm Coast takes its name from the fact that is battered by storm six months on nine. The bay is riddled with jagged rocks, many lurking just below the churning surface. So many ships wreck on the rocks, that the buzzards can't fly from gorging on smashed corpses that washes ashore, giving its name to the Buzzard's Bay.

The Bay was first inhabited after the end of the Ice Age, by humans descended from the same stock: tall, blond, thick-limbed, slow of speech but keen of mind.

On the southern arm of the bay, called the Witch's Weir, lies a town with the famous Seafarer's Quay and Adventurers' Guildhouse[1]

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