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Brinelin is the Zendikar Moon Kraken that ruled the waters the bays of Akoum. It demanded tribute from Nissa, Sorin and Anowon when they traveled together to the Eye of Ugin. Sorin casually killed a goblin to satisfy the great creature. That tribute was found lacking, and Sorin revealed his true nature to the creature. Brinelin remembered Sorin, and was somewhat terrified to find him returned after so long, but would still not let them pass. Since Sorin's intimidation had failed, Nissa gambled that her diplomacy might work. She spoke of Sutina, the fallen leader of the Tajuru elves, who had been friends with the kraken. Greatly saddened by the news of its friend's death and discouraged by the return of the Eldrazi, Brinelin finally acquiesced to lead them safely through the crystal reefs.