Brian Snõddy

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Brian Snõddy
General Information
Born -
Status Inactive: Alpha to Morningtide
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artist:"Brian Snoddy"

Brian Snõddy, also credited as Brian Snoddy or Brian Snøddy is one of the original twenty-five Magic: The Gathering artists. Most noted for his battle scenes and goblin carnage, Brian has painted over a hundred cards with a wide range of subject matter. Still painting Magic cards today, Brian is also co founder of Privateer Press, Inc., which produces the miniatures game Warmachine.

Notable illustrations[edit | edit source]

Brian was also the penciller for the Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures comics as well as one of the illustrators for the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide. His Dungeons & Dragons work includes books such as Deities & Demigods, Libris Mortis, and Magic of Faerûn.