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The Breathstealers are an ancient cult of fanatical religious assassins and nightstalkers from Urborg that can kill people while they are asleep.

The Breathstealers are known for their ability to kill with complete accuracy and utter silence. These dark and evil no-longer-men steal the life from others in order to live forever. Some people think the Breathstealers are merely fantasies to frighten children into behaving, but they are wrong. Children stolen by the Breathstealers face the ending of one life in order to begin a new one as a Breathstealer themselves. When their breath leaves their protesting lips, the air turn stale in their lungs and the conscious mind burns away before awakening again to utter night. Breathstealers can work minor magics, including controlling certain creatures.

Spirit of the Night[edit]

Only the Breathstealers guild is said to possess both the knowledge and the desire to summon the dreaded Spirit of the Night. It is the ultimate honor for a Breathstealer to sacrifice himself to become a part of this demon spirit made manifest. This terrible creature that seems part cat, part unspeakable horror and was responsible for the killing of the Femeref Council of Voices.


The Breathstealers aided the dark mage Kaervek in his attempt to conquer Jamuura. After the end of the Mirage War, they insinuated themselves into Suq'Atan society. They killed Vizier Qhattib of Amiqat, which freed the way for the brute Telim'Tor to succeed the Pasha..

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