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Bounce land

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The Bounce lands are taplands which have a higher mana production, but bounce one land back to the owner's hand.[1]

Examples[edit | edit source]

Example 1

Karoo comes into play tapped.
When Karoo comes into play, sacrifice it unless you return an untapped Plains you control to its owner's hand.
{T}: Add {C}{W}.

Example 2

Azorius Chancery
Azorius Chancery enters the battlefield tapped.
When Azorius Chancery enters the battlefield, return a land you control to its owner's hand.
{T}: Add {W}{U}.

Visions cycle[edit | edit source]

These uncommon bounce lands from Visions are commonly called Karoo lands after the white land from the cycle. All lands of the cycle add {C}M, where M is a color of mana. However, when it came in to play, an untapped land with the corresponding basic land type had to be returned to its owner's hand, or the Karoo land must be sacrificed.

Ravnica block cycle[edit | edit source]

The ten common bounce lands of the Ravnica block each correspond to the ten Ravnican guilds, which in turn each refer to the ten different pairs of colors. Each of the lands could produce one mana of each color the guild represents. However, a land has to be returned to its owner's hand, so if the bounce land is the only land in play at the time, it will automatically be returned to its owner's hand.

Allied colored[edit | edit source]

Enemy colored[edit | edit source]

See also[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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