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Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era
Race Cyclops

Borborygmos is an enormous cyclops from Ravnica. He was the largest and angriest of many large and angry Gruul clan leaders. Former guildmaster of the Gruul Clans, when he gave orders, the Gruul listened.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Borborygmos lead the Burning Tree clan, which is the largest and most diverse of the Gruul Clans. For decades, he commanded the respect and obedience of the Gruul by defeating all who challenged him.[2] He embodied the raging fire that the Gruul believe burns in their bellies, and his wrath toward the civilization of Ravnica knew no bounds.

With Bolas' urging, the planeswalker Domri Rade challenged and defeated the aging Borborygmos by setting waves of beasts on the cyclops. Borborygmos wasn't killed but lost the Gruuls' respect. He is now living as a Trog (hermit) in the Rubblebelt.[3]

War of the Spark[edit | edit source]

Borborygmos was again acting as Gruul's guildmaster after Domri Rade's death in the War of the Spark. He was convinced by Kaya's group to aid the guilds in the fight against the Dreadhorde.[4] He showed a fondness for Rat, whose parents were prominent Gruul warriors.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

The neolatin noun "Borborygmos" means a rumbling or gurgling sound caused by the movement of gas in the intestines.[6]

References[edit | edit source]

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