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Birthplace Amonkhet
Race God
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Bontu was the Amonkhet god of ambition.[1] She teaches that no one is born strong — they become it. She considered pride and cunning to be tools for self-growth. Bontu was closely associated with the process of embalming both the initiates who attained a Glorious Death and those who fell ingloriously along the way.

Bontu oversaw the fourth trial: The Trial of Ambition. This tested the willingness of the initiates to do what must be done. Some had to sacrifice themselves for the crop, and some were culled to further the chances of the others.[2]

She was the most solitary of the gods, spending most of her time in the embalming chambers. She oversaw the creation of mummies, taking the best for herself. She believed herself to be the most worthy of Amonkhet's gods.[3]

After the arrival of Nicol Bolas, Bontu revealed that she had helped Nicol Bolas conquer Amonkhet, betraying her plane and her godly siblings to fulfill her own ambition. During the Hour of Devastation, she was ordered by Bolas to kill Hazoret, but after defeating her sister, Bolas betrayed Bontu and killed her, leaving Hazoret the only god of Amonkhet alive.[4]

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

Bontu's crocodilian visage was likely inspired by Sobek, the Egyptian god of fertility and the Nile River. Sobek is known as a guardian deity, but is also the god of power and military prowess. Sobek was also considered a solar deity, which may be an inspiration for the lens-like object at the end of Bontu's staff. Sobek is described as aggressive and animalistic. Examples of his epithets include "He who loves robbery", "He who eats while he also mates," and "pointed of teeth." He also has a benevolent side as well.

There might also be some inspiration from Ammit, a female demonic deity with a crocodile head that devoured unworthy souls.

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References[edit | edit source]

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