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Biting, also called one-sided fight, is a creature mechanic.[1][2] A target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to target creature you don't control. It is similar to fight but the removal comes with less risk.[3][4]

Early uses of the mechanic were in the Laccolith mechanic, which was closer to a force-block ability than a removal effect. It also turned up in white through Sinstriker's Will and Spirit Flare as an extension of white's ability to affect combat A later use of the mechanic resulted in Fling without sacrificing (Soul's Fire), before being limited to creatures in Fall of the Hammer and Tail Slash. During Oath of the Gatewatch design, R&D experimented with one-sided fighting in green,[5] especially seeing as red "with all its direct damage, doesn't really need one-sided fight".[6] The first instance of the color change was Nissa's Judgment, but the most elegant form was Rabid Bite printed in Shadows over Innistrad.

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