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Beast is a catch-all creature type used for large, monstrous, animal-like creatures. [1] The first creature to bear the type was Beasts of Bogardan in Legends (though the Clockwork Beast from Alpha and Guardian Beast from Arabian Nights were later issued errata to become beasts), but it wasn't until Tempest that the "beast" subtype attained widespread usage. Later, in the Odyssey and Onslaught blocks, "beast" became a common "tribe" with considerable inter-card support.

Specific types of Beasts[edit | edit source]

  • Anurids
Amphibious, frog-like creatures. Appear to be water-dwelling. Native to Otaria.
  • Baloths
Native to Zendikar and Dominaria. Lizard-like. They often have horns protruding from their heads and backs as well as sharp claws and daggerlike teeth. [2] However, some forms native to Zendikar resemble rhinoceroses or Stegosauruses with hooves.
Dog-like beasts native to Bogardan, that were summoned by Johan to fight Jedit Ojanen in Palmyra.
  • Catoblepas
Native to Theros. It has the body of an ox, the head of a boar, and scales on its back. [3]
  • Cerodons
Massive horned creatures that move suprisingly silently, but also can produce terrifying screams. Native to Alara and Amonkhet[4].
  • Craghorns
Similar to wild goats with large horns on their heads.
Native to Mirrodin. They appear to be humanoid and propel themselves on two legs while their frontal extremities bear sharp claws. They have antelope like heads and horns but maws with dagger-like teeth.
  • Firebeasts
  • Gargadons
Giant, elephant-like beasts with horns, used as war-beasts in Keld.
  • Gnarr
Akin to a raptor with horns. Long thought merely a Dominarian legend.
  • Gnarlid
Native to Zendikar. They are cute . . . from a distance.
A powerful Rabian creature found in the workshop of El Hajjaj, guarding the City in a Bottle. It was fought off by the Dervish Taysir.
  • Hellions (sometimes printed without the "beast" type)
Long, leech-like creatures with tentacles protruding from their front ends and with circular maws. They burrow through the earth for transportation.
  • Hystrodons
Ankylosaur-like beasts native to Otaria.
  • Indriks
Massive beasts identical to the prehistoric indricotheres (possibly based also on the slavic mythological creature that named that group as well). They occur mostly in Ravnica. [5]
  • Kelpie
Riverdwelling creatures native to Shadowmoor. [6]
  • Kezzerdrix'
Vicious Rabbit-Beasts
  • Krovods
Large horned creatures native to Ravnica. Often used as beasts of burden.
  • Krushok
Large, rhino-like beasts found on Tarkir.
  • Laccoliths
  • Leucrocota
Horse-Lions native to Theros.
  • Lorians
  • Nishoba (sometimes printed without the "beast" type)
  • Manglehorns
The name says it all. Native to Amonkhet
  • Orggs (sometimes printed without the "beast" type)
  • Primadoxes
  • Raptors
Beasts named raptors are akin to the dinosaurs of the same name and printed during Onslaught block. However, cards with "Raptor" in their name are often Birds and in one instance a Lizard. Most, if not all, were changed back into Dinosaurs.
  • Rigida
Ice Beasts that overran the state of Almaaz immediately after the Brothers' War.
  • Shaleskins
  • Slaughterhorns [7]
  • Snidds
  • Thragtusks
  • Tyrannax
Large reptiles on Mirrodin [8]
  • Vorrac
Similar to Giant Warthogs. Native to Mirrodin. [9] [10]
  • Wumpus
Native to Mercadia. They are elephant-like but with a woolly head and gigantic teeth. Their hooves may have claws.

Grand Creature Type Update[edit | edit source]

In the Grand Creature Type Update the creature types Carnivore (Tooth and Claw), Lurker (Lurker), Villain (Spinal Villain) and Frostbeast (Kjeldoran Frostbeast) were changed into Beast. On the other hand Glowing Anemone was changed from Beast to Anemone, while later reverting to Beast and gaining the added Jellyfish type. Warthog shortly was a Beast (Warthog) before being turned into a Boar.

Beast tokens[edit | edit source]

Token Color Type P/T Additional Rules Source Printings
Beast Black Creature — Beast 3/3 Deathtouch
Green Creature — Beast 2/2
Green Creature — Beast 4/2
Green Creature — Beast 3/3
Green Creature — Beast 4/4
Green Creature — Beast 5/5
Green Creature — Beast 5/5 Trample
Red/Green/White Creature — Beast 8/8
Colorless Artifact Creature — Beast 6/6
named Carnivore
Red Creature — Beast 3/1
named Caller of the Pack
White Creature — Beast 8/6 Trample

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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