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Creature type
(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
Statistics 23 cards
{B} 91.3% {G} 4.3% {W/B} 4.3%
as of Zendikar Rising
Scryfall Search

Bats are flying mammals (the only ones in the real world, in fact). Associated primarily with black mana, Magic's bats tend to be fearsome and dangerous, a stark contrast to the harmless tiny insect-eating flyers from our world (although those do exist on the Multiverse, such as Dakmor Bat). More often than not they are associated with Vampires.

The first card to bear the creature type Bat was Vampire Bats in Legends.


On Innistrad vampires can change into bats which have such clarity of hearing that simple sounds become symphonies. Stensia is pestered by undead Marrow Bats.


On Ixalan the bat god Aclazotz is the enemy of the sun god and ruler of the night. Local imps and demons are rather bat-like (and, at least in the case of the former, they are bat-imp hybrids).


Grimclaw Bats patrolled the Mephidross. Once Mirrodin became Phyrexia, they were compleated.


Bats in Ravnica are primarily associated with the Orzhov Syndicate. Unlike other bats, which are primarily black, these bats, especially the Blind Hunters, are mostly equally white mana as well.[1] They are used as assassins and messengers.

Giant bats are also used as mounts by the Golgari Swarm, particularly by the guild's hunters.

In the Return to Ravnica block, and especially Gatecrash, the Dimir seem to have acquired bat-motiffs, such as in the architecture [2] and the design of their Horrors. However, the Basilica Screecher is still attached to the Orzhov guild.


Sengir Bats accompany the infamous Baron Sengir, the vampire lord who rules the Dark Barony from Castle Sengir.

Vampire bats[edit]

The classical Vampire Bats are titanic flying creatures that may be used as steeds, for example by Kulrath Knights. They occur in Dominaria and Shadowmoor, as well in a few other planes.


Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Bat Black Creature — Bat 1/1 Flying
Black Creature — Bat 1/2 Flying
{1}{B}, Sacrifice this creature: Return an exiled card named Sengir Nosferatu to the battlefield under its owner's control.


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