Baron Sengir

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Baron Sengir
Baron Sengir
Birthplace Dominaria
Lifetime Unknown
Race Vampire
Sources Homelands, The Secrets of Magic

The infamous Baron Sengir is a vampire lord, ruling the Dark Barony on Ulgrotha from Castle Sengir. [1] [2]

History[edit | edit source]

Stranded on Ulgrotha after a planeswalker duel, Baron Sengir created the Dark Barony and has begun to conquer all Ulgrotha after he took the Castle of Morning Light and the subterranean city of New Freedom from the dwarves. As a further insult, he turned the daughter of the dwarven king into a vampire, renaming her Irini Sengir. He freed Ravi from the prison of the Basalt Spire in the Dead Zone and named her Grandmother Sengir, who in turn taught him most of his magic. His most loyal servant was Veldrane of Sengir. Outside his immediate "family," he also made a pact with Eron the Relentless, stating that Eron would provide food for the Sengirian villages and that Sengir would not send minions against Koskun Keep.

The Baron sent vampires to raid Aysen to instill fear in the populace. He met Serra once, and, later, spoke with both Serra and Feroz one night after he saw them from his Black Carriage, and warned the two planeswalkers not to interrupt his plans for Ulgrotha.

After he turned the Serra paladin Ihsan into a shade, he then stopped his raids on Aysen, hoping that the city-states would fall apart on their own from interior conflicts. After Feroz's death, Sengir convinced Serra to leave the plane before she did any more harm, and knew later when she was killed. The Baron has discovered the Dwarven Gate in the basement of his castle, though he does not know where it leads. The Autumn Willow has foreseen the Baron marching an army through the portal to another world. But in the information known of the Baron, that had yet to occur and he was focusing on conquering all of Ulgrotha first. It is quite possible that he has achieved that goal, as in 4505 AR his armies of vampires were seen marching out of Castle Sengir into the night.

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References[edit | edit source]

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