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The Badlands are a region in North Aerona on Dominaria, east of a jagged sierra and north-west of some plateaus.

The Badlands are almost two different lands: tall spires, ridges, mesas, all riven in a thousand places by ravines, gulleys, and arroyos, some a mile wide, some too narrow for a horse. The upper reaches are sixty or seventy feet high. Some tops are only big enough for an eagle's nest, others are razor-sharp knifebacks.

They were the kingdom of the wizard Haakon the First, self-proclaimed King of the Badlands until he was defeated and his fortress destroyed by Gull and Greensleeves' army.[1]

Speculation[edit | edit source]

The Badlands are likely the unnamed region between Hammerheim and the plains of Muronia and Wrenna on the map of Aerona.

References[edit | edit source]