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Officer Baankis was a soldier in the Otarian Order on Dominaria, who stood under the command of Major Teroh. He was killed by Chainer (who often referred to him as "Bunkus") and was the first person to be absorbed into Chainer's dementia space.

History[edit | edit source]

Baankis was first mentioned as a trooper, waiting outside Cabal City for Chainer on the day he discovered the Mirari. Along with Teroh and a Nantuko he tried to take the artifact, but Chainer managed to flee to Roup's tavern. Once Chainer left the building, Teroh's squad surrounded him. Chainer killed one of Teroh's soldiers but before he could engage Baankis in combat his master Skellum came to take his pupil to the First.

Baankis would later appear as a sergeant in Teroh's pit fighting team against Skellum and Fulla (Braids), alongside Justicar Gobal and the druid Yewma.

Since the match had been arranged by the Cabal Patriarch to ensure the death of Chainer's teacher the Order team was victorious with Braids defeated and Skellum killed. This would mark both Baankis, Teroh and even the First himself, as Chainer had witnessed the death of his mentor through a spell cast by Skellum.

During the Order's large scale attack on Cabal City, Baankis had somehow survived Chainer's dementia assault on the Cabal Pits, killing every other Order soldier in the building. However, he was injured during the attack and Chainer encountered him on his way to the vault. Chainer summoned one of his chains to wrap around the Sergeant's neck and slowly choked him to death. After he expired, Chainer took him into his dementia space.

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