Azorius Senate

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Azorius Senate

Azorius Logo.png

Alternative name The High Judges[1]
Colors: {W}{U}
Parun: Azor I
Guild leader: Augustin IV
(Ravnica block; deceased)
(Return to Ravnica block)
Guild champion: Isperia
(Ravnica block)
(Return to Ravnica block)
Guild hall: Prahv
(Ravnica block)
New Prahv
(Return to Ravnica block)
Mechanics: Forecast
(Return to Ravnica)
Featured sets: Dissension
Return to Ravnica
Signet flavor text:
"The maze-like design embodies the core of Azorius law — strict structure designed to test wills and stall change." — Azorius Signet

The Azorius Senate is a white/blue guild from the plane and city of Ravnica. Introduced in Dissension, the guild is also featured in Return to Ravnica.

Founded by parun Supreme Judge Azor I, a sphinx lawmage who authored a majority of the original Guildpact,[2] the Azorius Senate functions as the government of Ravnica[1] and creates Ravnican laws.[3]

Background[edit | edit source]

Believing their legislation to be the singular force that prevents Ravnica from descending into chaos, the Azorius Senate mediates and regulates the activities of all of the other guilds and of the plane despite their numerous decrees being ignored.[1] The Azorius Senate are characterized as being aloof, bureaucratic, excessively formalistic, and fastidious,[4][5] spending hours upon hours with legal documents and ensuring action, if any should occur, stringently adheres to protocol.[6] For such reasons, the Azorius are deeply disdained by Ravnicans,[7] whom the Azorius believe will effect a change and subsequent crime, chaos, and general decline in civic life.[8][6] The Azorius are said to act through inaction.[9]

The Azorius Senate works alongside the Boros Legion and Selesnya Conclave to see to the enforcement of the law and the Orzhov Syndicate, to the provision of advocates and lawmages for accusers/claimants/complainants/plaintiffs and defendants.[6] Ultimately, however, the Azorius advocates for blind justice, peace, and the status quo,[8] doing so via their intrinsic involvement in all affairs on Ravnica and with their legions of knights and paladins as well as mages adept in countermagic, magic to disable and hinder those who would break the law, and other law magic.[10]

The rigid hierarchy of the Azorius Senate is reflected in the guild's triangle-shaped crest; most Azorius functionaries report to one superior, and are reported to by two subordinates. The Azorius are divided into three Columns: The Sova act as judges and arbitrators, the Jelenn act as scribes and elocuters, while the Lyev work as lawmages and enforcers.

History[edit | edit source]

Ravnica block[edit | edit source]

Augustin IV.jpg

During the majority of the Ravnica block storyline, the Azorius Senate was presided over by human lawmage Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, who is later killed by an explosion while being attacked by then Dimir guildmaster Szadek's spirit.[11]

The seat of Azorius power in the Ravnica block was Prahv, a monolithic structure of white marble.[6] In Dissension, Prahv was destroyed by the explosion following the collision between it and the downed Parhelion, the fortress ship of the Boros angels.[6]

Return to Ravnica block[edit | edit source]


Following the death of Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, Leonos II has become the Grand Arbiter of the Azorius Senate and the sphinx Isperia, whom Grand Arbiter Augustin IV often consulted, has reluctantly become the Azorius guildmaster.[11]

Isperia is advised by three arbiters, each representing one of the "columns" of the Azorius: the Jelenn Column, which makes the laws; the Lyev Column, which enforces the laws; and the Sova Column, which judges the law-breakers.[1] These columns approximately correspond to the arms, or branches, of government in numerous real-world nations; the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary, respectively. Fitting for a set inspired by Europe, in particular Slavic and Eastern Europe, the names of the "columns" are Czech for animals, each of which appropriate for the function of the "column"; Jelenn means "deer", Lyev means lion, and Sova means "owl".[12]

In the game[edit | edit source]

Head Magic designer and design team member Mark Rosewater said on the blending of White and Blue, "Philosophically, the largest overlap between the two colors stems from a similar motivation. Both colors want to improve the world. White does this in its quest to promote peace, while Blue does it out of its interest in reaching perfection. The end result is the same. Both colors like to force its rules and ways upon all those around them".[13]

Guild mechanics[edit | edit source]

Dissension: Forecast[edit | edit source]

Main article: Forecast

Forecast is an activated ability that a player can play only from his or her hand. Only cards from the Azorius guild (white, blue, or white-blue) have forecast. Each forecast card has an ability that can be played once per turn during a player's own upkeep by revealing it from his or her hand and paying a cost, somewhat similar to casting a spell with built-in buyback.[14]

The Forecast mechanic was inspired by the ability on the Unglued card Infernal Spawn of Evil.[15]

Return to Ravnica: Detain[edit | edit source]

Main article: Detain

Detain is a keyword action that prevents a permanent from attacking, blocking, and/or activating its (activated) abilities until the controller of the detainer's next turn.

Initially, the Return to Ravnica block ability for Azorius was developed around "tap a creature" and the development team termed the ability "jail".[15] Influenced by Arrest, with which the ability shares flavor, of "preventing my opponents from doing things",[16] the "jail" ability was later modified to include preventing activated abilities.[15]

Creature types[edit | edit source]

Species and races[edit | edit source]

Species and races associated with the Azorius Senate include:

Classes[edit | edit source]

Classes associated with the Azorius Senate include:

Notable members[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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