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Race Human
Birthplace Shandalar
Lifetime Unknown
Shandalar Player's Manual

Azar was a wizard from Shandalar. He was an apprentice of Kenan Sahrmal, and fought Lim-Dûl after Sahrmal had defeated Tevesh Szat and Leshrac. Lim-Dûl managed to take control of his opponent's body and used it to start a war on Shandalar. He was eventually defeated and imprisoned in an artifact that was used to power the veil of Shandalar.

The empty body of Azar, however, had been exposed too much magic. Though it was without a soul, it rose on its own and took the name Lichlord Skavius Slan. Then it took command of the Black Guild and ruled for ages, even among the passing of the other Guildlords.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

While the character is named Azar on an Astral card from the Microprose videogame, the manual of the game actually calls the wizard "Azaar".

In-game references[edit | edit source]