Ayesh ni hata Kan

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Istni Ayesh ni hata Kan is a woman wrestler from Oneah on Dominaria.[1]

When goblins ruined all the country and broke into her last standing city she stopped the fight and found a hidden place. She was the last from Oneah who stayed alive.

She knew she should have died along with her brothers and sisters, and she wanted to commit suicide, but she also felt a need to keep the memory of this great country alive. That was really the last thing which kept her alive. With her friend Raal, an Orvadian sailor, she visited many ports telling the story about the wonders of her great civilization. She hoped that people who heard the story would recreate Oneah, or at least, it would survive in people's minds and hearts.

After many years of traveling across Voda waters she decided to go on the edge of the world. Raal left her in Null Divva, one of the farthest northern ports.

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