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Birthplace Zendikar
Race Elemental

Ashaya is a 30 feet tall bipedal Elemental, with a distinctive curved head shape, composed of thick vines and living plants, that Nissa Revane summoned on Zendikar in her fight against the Eldrazi. It is a fragment of Zendikar's worldsoul.

Unlike other elementals, Ashaya did not return to the land after a battle. It became Nissa's companion, who named it "Ashaya" in the Graypelt tongue. If she was "Shaya", the Worldwaker, then it only made sense that the elemental was "The Awoken World".[1] Ashaya showed Nissa that she was one with Zendikar. As long as Zendikar was in danger, so too was Nissa. And as long as the world was fighting back, so too would Nissa. It also taught Nissa how to see and manipulate the leylines of Zendikar and use this power to wield the land itself against the Eldrazi.

Just before meeting Gideon and Jace, Nissa suddenly lost her connection to Zendikar, and by extension, to Ashaya, who disappeared.[2] After traveling to Khalni Heart and freeing Zendikar's soul from the hedron prison that Ob Nixilis had constructed, Ashaya returned to Nissa taller and more powerful than before.[3][4]

Story appearances[edit]

Episode 4: Of Haunting Songs and Whispered Warnings A. T. Greenblatt 2020-09-23 Zendikar Rising Zendikar Akiri, Ashaya, Jace Beleren, Nahiri, Nissa Revane

In-game references[edit]

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