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Igniting (also "triggering", "flaring" or "ascension") refers to the spark's ignition, that is the process by which a sapient creature activates their latent spark and thus becomes a planeswalker. Usually, the ignition is triggered by a powerful, emotionally-affecting, perspective-altering life event, often a near death experience.[1]

First planeswalk[edit | edit source]

As an effect of the ignition, the newly-ignited planeswalker planeswalks away for their first time: they are pulled to the Blind Eternities and then come back appearing to a random plane, and afterwards realizing their new traveling powers.

List of all explained ignitions:

Planeswalker Ignited on Planeswalked to Ignition's cause
Ajani Goldmane Naya Jund Realizing the death of his brother
Arlinn Kord Innistrad Unknown Realizing she transformed into a werewolf and had killed an angel
Chandra Nalaar Kaladesh Regatha Striking against her executioner with pyromancy
Dack Fayden Fiora Unknown Witnessing his friend being killed by rival mages
Daretti Fiora Unknown Being crippled by the explosion of one of his constructs
Domri Rade Ravnica Naya Being buried alive as part of a Gruul ritual
Elspeth Tirel A phyrexianized plane Theros Fleeing from the Phyrexians
Eskil Dominaria Unknown Splashed by the blood of the corrupted angel Trine.
Freyalise Dominaria Unknown Mortally wounded by Jason Carthalion.
Gideon Jura Theros Bant Realizing the death of his irregulars through his own hubris
Huatli Ixalan Kaladesh (uncompleted) Under furious attack by Angrath
Jace Beleren Vryn Ravnica Accidental planeswalk after being memory wiped
Jared Carthalion Dominaria Unknown Ravidel setting of the Mox Beacon.
Jaya Ballard Dominaria Elsewhere on Dominaria Hit by Jodah's mirror
Jeska Dominaria Unknown Being split from Karona with the Mirari
Karn (1st time) Dominaria Acquiring Urza's spark
Karn (2nd time) New Phyrexia Acquiring Venser's spark
Kiora Zendikar Unknown Being swallowed by a big sea serpent
Liliana Vess Dominaria Innistrad Turning to black mana to restrain her undead brother Josu
Narset Tarkir Pulled back to Tarkir Learning the truth about Tarkir's past
Nicol Bolas Dominaria Meditation Plane Rage and envy against Ugin
Nissa Revane Zendikar Lorwyn Witnessing Emrakul's sealed presence
Ob Nixilis (1st time) A plane of eternal war Unknown Realizing the futility of life and mono-planar ambitions
Ob Nixilis (2nd time) Zendikar Unknown Siphoning the power of the hedrons into himself.
Ral Zarek Ravnica Unidentified plane Being stabbed and finding out his lover was betraying him.
Rowan and Will Kenrith Eldraine Unknown Learning the truth about their birth mother.
Sarkhan Vol Tarkir Unknown Channeling the spirit of an ancient dragon
Samut Amonkhet Theros Experiencing euphoria and joy after being thanked by Hazoret
Sifa Grent Grixis Unknown Tortured by Malfegor.
Sorin Markov Innistrad Unknown Becoming a vampire
Tacenda Verlasen Innistrad Unknown Defeating her sister Willia, and absorbing the Bog Entity.[2]
Tezzeret Esper Grixis Being attacked by guards after learning that the Codex Etherium was empty.
Teyo Verada Gobakhan Ravnica Being buried alive.
Tibalt Innistrad Unknown Feeling all the pain he had inflicted on others in his life
Ugin Dominaria Meditation Plane Realizing his twin brother doesn't love him and is trying to manipulate him.
Urza Dominaria Unknown Enduring the Sylex Blast and being resurrected through the Might- and Weakstone
Vivien Reid Skalla Unknown Seeing her world destroyed by Nicol Bolas
Vraska Ravnica A swamp on a dark plane. A tomb with no way out. Being severely beaten by Azorius prison guards.
Vronos Innistrad Esper Having his face scarred by werewolves

References[edit | edit source]

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