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Argenti was part of the Edemi Islands, a rebellious island chain off the coast of Madara.

Argenti could be divided into two areas: the north was a great plain, ruled from the capital of Lisu by Lady Caleria; the south was a dense forest ruled by Lord Magnus from the Sylvan Library. The island's coasts were all sheer cliffs save for the southern coast, which meant that one couldn't reach Lisu without traveling through Magnus’ forest. Since Magnus could animate the vegetation of the forest and command its wildlife, passing through without his permission could be quite hard.

When Lady Caleria rallied the Edemis against the empire, Argenti was attacked by the kentsu and was nearly destroyed, but with the help of Ayesha Tanaka, Lord Magnus managed to defeat the invaders by animating the leather in their clothing and killing them with their own armor.