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Anthologies is a box set that was released in November 1998, celebrating the fifth anniversary of Magic.

Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description Cards use the symbol of their original expansion.
Design Bill Rose
Development Bill Rose
William Jockusch
Release date November 1998
Set size 120 cards
Expansion code ATH[1]
Early Box sets
Introductory Two-Player Set Anthologies Battle Royale
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Urza's Saga Anthologies Urza's Legacy


Set detailsEdit

Anthologies contains two 60-card preconstructed theme decks made up of cards from every Magic expansion and edition from the Alpha set to the Urza's Saga expansion plus 5 token cards in each deck, and a 64-page booklet describing the past, present, and future of Magic, with personal commentary from Richard Garfield. The storage box is able to hold 350 cards in standard sized sleeves. The cards are white border with copyright 1993–1998.


Defenders of the CauseEdit

A control-oriented deck    deck. If you're able to establish a stalemate on the ground, you'll be able to win combat in the air. Even if you need to hold your flying creatures back in defense, you have a stalemate breaker in Overrun.

The rares in this deck are ArmageddonBrushlandJalum TomeMirri, Cat Warrior and Sacred Mesa.

Dark AllianceEdit

An aggro-oriented    deck. When in doubt, attack. This deck is designed to win the "damage race".

The rares in this deck are Goblin KingGoblin WarrensNevinyrral's DiskVolcanic Dragon and Strip Mine.



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