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Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Unknown
Race Minotaur planeswalker
Center: {B}{R}

Captain Angrath is a minotaur planeswalker of unknown origin, trapped on the plane of Ixalan[1] for fourteen years.[2]

Appearance and character[edit | edit source]

In battle, Angrath wields fiery chain whips, and his body exudes extreme heat. He is driven by a feeling of restless impatience, like a caged animal awaiting its moment of freedom.[3] This fuels his wild temper and spurs him on in an endless series of raids. Huatli considers him aggressive, rude and insulting.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

After he got trapped by Ixalan's Binding, Angrath found a place for himself when Captain Radcliff of the notorious Devil's Smile offered him a place in his crew. Welcomed among the other misfits and rogues of a particularly motley crew, Angrath put his physical and magical talents to good use in Captain Radcliff 's raiding and pillaging. Soon it was clear that the rest of the crew loved and respected Angrath more than their captain, and the minotaur led a quick and almost bloodless mutiny that left Radcliff hanging by a gaff hook strapped to the bowsprit. Now-Captain Angrath changed the ship's name to Devil's Chains to reflect the magic of his searing-hot chains, and the crew's notoriety increased exponentially.[3] At first glance, he seems to care more about mayhem than about treasure. In truth, he is searching for the Immortal Sun in the hope it can free him. He recognized Huatli as a fellow planeswalker and offered her assistance in leaving the plane in exchange for help, but at first she attacked him and fled. In the race for Orazca he caught up with her again.[4]

The unlikely pair joined together in order to find a way to reach the city. Angrath was dismissive of Huatli's intentions to serve her emperor in finding the Immortal Sun. Telling her that the highest title of the Sun Empire did not mean freedom, while comparing her to an ant that tried to climb on the top of her anthill, declaring all of their struggles over the city as petty and short-sighted over who would define truth. As they came near the city, Angrath tried to planeswalk to Kaldheim, and deduced from the length of his suspension that whatever blocked them from leaving this plane must have been near. He told Huatli that true freedom started when one realized that one was trapped. On a question where he wanted to go first, he answered that he wanted to see his daughters.[2]

When they came near the city, they found a tomb erected later. In it, they discovered Saint Elenda, the progenitor of the vampires of the Legion of Dusk. Angrath had little care for her, instead hurrying Huatli on. When she refused, he angrily struck at her and went on alone.[2] Huatli reacted by sending a Dinosaur to trample him in the mud.[5] Because he had to dispose of the dinosaur, Angrath was late in joining the scramble for the Immortal Sun in Orzaca's Tower of Triumph.[5]

After the Immortal Sun was taken, Angrath vanished, cursing Ixalan in his passing words.[6] He then reunited, teary-eyed, with his daughters at their family's smithy.[7]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The R&D Narrative Team has stated (perhaps tongue in cheek) that on his home plane, Angrath was a blacksmith, a family man, and had two daughters. Upon his spark's ignition, he brought them presents from his planeswalking travels. Eventually, he became trapped in Ixalan, hence his desire to return home.[8]
    • The two daughters were later confirmed in the official storyline.[2][7]
  • Angrath previously has been on a plane that had dragons.[9]
  • Kaldheim is not Angrath's homeplane, it just happened to be metaphysically nearby to show it to Huatli.[10]

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References[edit | edit source]

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