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Birthplace Undisclosed
Lifetime Unknown
Race Human
Currently: {W}{U}{B}

Aminatou is an incredibly young human planeswalker, from an undisclosed plane. Her spark ignited at a young age, and for seemingly no reason at all, although if one were to ask her why it happened, she would tell them "because I foresaw it would one day, and I decided I didn't want to wait for that." Aminatou's magic revolves around fate and the manipulation of destiny. She can perceive the matrix of fate and foresee the destinies of others.[1][2]

Like all eight-year-olds, Aminatou is playful and fickle. Her own destiny is something she toys with on a daily basis; some days she'll grow up to be a singer, other days a powerful wizard, some days a trainer of beautiful beasts and other days a conquering queen. She is young, but because of her powers, possesses the knowledge of a lifetime. The most striking feature of Aminatou is her calm demeanor.

Her magic is expressed through intangible moths. When one of her wisps of power lands on a person it nudges their fate in whatever direction Aminatou chooses.

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