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Birthplace Vryn
Lifetime Mending Era
Race Sphinx

Alhammarret was a sphinx mind mage from Vryn, who tutored Jace Beleren.[1][2]

History[edit | edit source]

Alhammarret arbitrated between the two warring factions of Vryn. After a couple years of training, Alhammarret started sending Jace out to gather information. Under cover of darkness and cloaked by illusions, Jace would sneak into a camp of one of the opposing sides to learn about the army's battle plans. During one of his reporting sessions Jace tried to enter his master's mind, a feat he had never accomplished before. The shock of success and the power of Alhammarret's mind triggered his spark. Alhammarret recognized what happened, pulled Jace back through the aether and then wiped the incident from the young man's mind. Later it turned out that Alhammarret was playing both warring factions against each other by providing them with military intel, and thus keeping his status as arbiter intact. He used Jace as a go-between, to gather information from the Ampryn and the Trovians, deliver it, and learn more just in the delivery. And every time, he'd wiped Jace's memory of it, taken the money for himself, and kept the war going. When Jace finally found out, he began to erase his own knowledge to keep it away from the sphinx. Instead, he kept records on paper. In a final confrontation Jace damaged the sphinx's mind, removing his knowledge of how to breathe, but at the cost of destroying Jace's own memories of his home or family before he planeswalked away.

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References[edit | edit source]

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