2020 Magic Pro League

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2020 Magic Pro League
Date 2020
Location MTG Arena
Winner TBA
Previous MPL:
2019 Magic Pro League
Next MPL:
2020-21 Magic Pro League

The 2020 Magic Pro League season is the second season for the Magic Pro League.

Starting in August 2020, Magic: the Gathering’s Organized Play calendar will be moving away from seasons that follow the calendar year (the 2019 season) back to seasons that are split over multiple calendar years (the 2020-2021 season). But the 2019 season ends in December 2019, so in order to fill the gap between then and the beginning of the 2020-2021 season, the Magic Pro League will hold a shortened seven-month season.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In 2020 the Rivals League is introduced, and the MPL is reduced to a 24-player league with players able to earn up to $50,000 in appearance fees in addition to prizes earned at tournaments.[2] MPL players are also be invited to Mythic Invitationals and all Tabletop Players Tour events.

For the shortened 2020 season, the 24 players are made up of the Top 20 members of the Magic Pro League at the end of the 2019 season and the Top 4 non-Magic Pro League Mythic Points leaders (Challengers): Raphael Levy, Ondrej Strasky, Chris Kvartek and Gabriel Nassif.

Unlike its 2019 season, the 2020 Magic Pro League doesn’t have any kind of league play structure.[3] Instead, members of both the Magic Pro and Rivals Leagues will compete for their places in the 2020-21 season by earning Player Points at Players Tours and Mythic Points at Mythic Invitationals, Mythic Qualifier Weekends, and Mythic Point Challenges.

Roster[edit | edit source]

Nationality Name Qualification Players Points Mythic Points Points
{ITA} Andrea Mengucci Top 20 MPL 2019
{USA} Andrew Cuneo Top 20 MPL 2019
{GB-ENG} Autumn Burchett Top 20 MPL 2019
{USA} Brad Nelson Top 20 MPL 2019
{USA} Brian Braun-Duin Top 20 MPL 2019
{BRA} Carlos Romão Top 20 MPL 2019
{ESP} Javier Dominguez Top 20 MPL 2019
{FRA} Jean-Emmanuel Depraz Top 20 MPL 2019
{JPN} Ken Yukuhiro Top 20 MPL 2019
{HKG} Lee Shi Tian Top 20 MPL 2019
{PRT} Márcio Carvalho Top 20 MPL 2019
{CZE} Martin Jůza Top 20 MPL 2019
{BRA} Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa Top 20 MPL 2019
{POL} Piotr Glogowski Top 20 MPL 2019
{JPN} Rei Sato Top 20 MPL 2019
{USA} Reid Duke Top 20 MPL 2019
{USA} Seth Manfield Top 20 MPL 2019
{ISR} Shahar Shenhar Top 20 MPL 2019
{JPN} Shota Yasooka Top 20 MPL 2019
{USA} William Jensen Top 20 MPL 2019
{FRA} Raphaël Lévy Top 4 Challenger
{CZE} Ondřej Stráský Top 4 Challenger
{USA} Chris Kvartek Top 4 Challenger
{FRA} Gabriel Nassif Top 4 Challenger

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