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The year 2020 is the twenty-eighth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering. It was dubbed "The Year of Commander".[1] Due to a global pandemic, many set releases and events were either delayed or cancelled throughout the year.

Events[edit | edit source]

Date Event
January 14 Reveal of ManaStrike, a tower rush game in the Magic: the Gathering franchise.
January 24 Release of Theros Beyond Death.
January 27 Release of Secret Lair Drop Series: Year of the Rat.
February 29 Release of Unsanctioned, a ready-to-play "Un-set" experience.
  • Combines reprints from previous Un-sets with sixteen new Un-cards.
March 13 Release of Mystery Booster (Retail Edition)
April 3 Release of Challenger Decks 2020.
April 24 Release of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
April 24-26 Players Tour Finals (Series 1) - Houston, USA
July 3 Release of Core Set 2021
July 10-12 Players Tour Finals (Series 2) - Minneapolis, USA
Q3 Release of Zendikar Rising.
Q3 Release of Commander Collection: Green
Q4 Release of Commander Legends

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