2019 World Championship

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2019 World Championship
Date February 2020
Location TBA
Format TBA
Prize pool $1,000,000
Previous Worlds:
Next Worlds:

The 2019 World Championship, the 27th Magic World Championship, will be held in February 2020.[1] Sixteen players will conclude a groundbreaking year for esports and competitive gaming in Magic by vying for $1 million in prizes. Only the best MPL players and Challengers can participate.[2]

Qualification[edit | edit source]

The sixteen slots will be spread out across tabletop Magic and MTG Arena qualification paths. They include:

Player Method of qualification
{ESP} Javier Dominguez 2018 World Champion
{GB-ENG} Autumn Burchett Mythic Championship Cleveland 2019 winner
{USA} Eli Loveman Mythic Championship London 2019 winner
{ARG} Matias Leveratto Mythic Championship III winner
{DEU} Thoralf Severin Mythic Championship IV Barcelona winner
{FRA} Jean-Emmanuel Depraz1 Mythic Championship V winner
{CZE} Ondřej Stráský Mythic Championship VI Richmond winner
Mythic Championship VII winner
Most Mythic Points of MPL
2nd most Mythic Points of MPL
3rd most Mythic Points of MPL
4th most Mythic Points of MPL
{FRA} Raphael Levy Most Mythic Points of Challengers
{USA} Chris Kvartek 2nd most Mythic Points of Challengers
3rd most Mythic Points of Challengers
4th most Mythic Points of Challengers
^1 As already-qualified Javier Dominguez won Mythic Championship V, the spot was passed down to the runner-up.

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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  3. a b If a player in the Top 4 has earned an invitation through another means, that qualification slot will pass down to the next highest Mythic Point earner.