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The year 2019 is the twenty-seventh year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.

Events[edit | edit source]

Date Event
January 25 Release of Ravnica Allegiance
February 15 Release of the Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kits.
February 15 Announcement of the discontinuation of the Magic League.
February 24 Mythic Championship Cleveland 2019. Won by {GB-ENG} Autumn Burchett.
March 25 Soft launch of Valor's Reach
March 27 Release of the Legendary Collection Relic Tokens by UltraPro.
March 31 First Magic Invitational. Won by {ITA} Andrea Mengucci.
April 12 Release of the Challenger Decks 2019.
April 25 Mythic Championship London 2019. won by {USA} Eli Loveman.
May 3 Release of War of the Spark
May 17-19 Final of the 2018 Magic Online Championship. Won by {ITA} Mattia Oneto.
June 3 Netflix announces the production of an upcoming animated Magic: The Gathering TV series.
June 14 Release of Modern Horizons.
June 27 Reveal of the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 promos, featuring Nicol Bolas and his four God-Eternals.
June 27 Release of Ravnica Inquisition.
  • A social deduction game set on Ravnica.
June 28 Release of Signature Spellbook: Gideon.
June 28 The Pauper format gains official tabletop support.
July 20 Release of Core Set 2020.
July 25 Wizards of the Coast announce that going forward the Magic story will be told through e-books rather than weekly episodic stories.
July 27 The Judge Program is ending, to be replaced with a Judge Academy that will require a yearly subscription fee.
July 28 Mythic Championship IV in Barcelona, Spain. Won by {DEU} Thoralf Severin.
August 14 Elaine Chase announces several improvements to the Organized Play structure, including the creation of the Rivals League, the MPL Gauntlet, the Players Tour and Player Points for tabletop gaming.
August 19 Wizards of the Coast launches the open beta of the Magic: The Gathering Companion app, a home tournament organizer.
October 4 Release of Throne of Eldraine
October 18-20 Mythic Championship V on MTG Arena.
November 8–10 Mythic Championship VI in Richmond, USA.
December 6-8 Mythic Championship VII on MTG Arena.
Player of the Year: TBA.
Rookie of the Year: TBA.
Hall of Fame inductees:
  • TBA

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