2018 World Championship

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2018 World Championship
Date 21–23 September 2018
Location United States.png Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Formats to be announced
Prize pool $300,000
Previous Worlds:
Next Worlds:

The 2018 World Championship, the 26th Magic World Championship, will be held on 21–23 September 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

The event will also feature the 2017–18 Magic Pro Tour Team Series final.

Invitations[edit | edit source]

The seats for the 2018 World Championship will be given out based on the following rankings:[1]

Player Method(s) of qualification
United States.png Seth Manfield Pro Tour Ixalan winner
Argentina.png Luis Salvatto Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan winner
United States.png Wyatt Darby Pro Tour Dominaria winner
United States.png Matt Severa Constructed Master
Sweden.png Elias Watsfeldt Draft Master

Players qualifying via multiple methods pass down extra invitations to the players with the most Pro Points among otherwise unqualified players.

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