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The year 2018 is the twenty-sixth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.

Events[edit | edit source]

Date Event
January 16 Start of the Great Designer Search 3.
January 19 Release of Rivals of Ixalan.
February 2-4 Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan in Bilbao, Spain.
March 2-4 Final of the Magic Online Championship
March 16 Release of Masters 25.
  • Celebrating 25 years history of Magic.
April 8 Release of Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors.
April 8 Release of Challenger decks.
April 28 Release of Dominaria.
June 1-3 Pro Tour Dominaria in Richmond, Virginia, United States.
July 20 Release of Core 2019
August 3-5 Pro Tour 25th Anniversary in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
December 14-16 2018 World Magic Cup in Barcelona, Spain.
Player of the Year: TBA.
Rookie of the Year: TBA.
Hall of Fame inductees:
  • TBA

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