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The year 2013 was the twentyfirst year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.

Events[edit | edit source]

Date Event
February 1 Release of Gatecrash.
February 15-17 Pro Tour Gatecrash at Montreal, Canada. Won by United States.png Tom Martell.
March 15 Release of Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt.
May 3 Release of Dragon's Maze.
May 17-19 Pro Tour Dragon's Maze at Dan Diego, California, USA. Won by United States.png Craig Wescoe.
May 25 Start of the 2013–14 Pro Tour Season with the Grand Prix at Guadalajara, Mexico.
June 17 Release of Modern Masters.
July 18-21 San Diego Comic-Con.
July 19 Release of Magic 2014.
  • Spotlightning Chandra Nalaar.
  • Criticized return of Slivers, now partially humanoid and only affecting the player's own side of the board.
  • Change of the 'Legend rule'.
  • Sideboards in constructed play now could contain up to 15 cards, rather than the rule of either 15 or 0 cards before.
July 31 - August 4 2013 World Championship in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Won by Israel.png Shahar Shenhar.
  • Players Championship reverted to World Championship after one year.
  • The title of Pro Player of the Year once again became a separate title.
August 2-4 2013 World Magic Cup in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Won by team France.png France.
August 23 Release of From the Vault: Twenty.
  • Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the game.
September 6 Release of Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters.
September 27 Release of Theros.
October 11-13 Pro Tour Theros at Dublin, Ireland. Won by France.png Jérémy Dezani.
November 1 Release of Commander 2013.
November 15 Release of the 2013 Holiday Gift Box.
Player of the Year: United States.png Josh Utter-Leyton.
Rookie of the Year: Chile.png Felipe Tapia Becerra.
Hall of Fame inductees:

Publications[edit | edit source]

First involved[edit | edit source]

R&D[edit | edit source]

Artists[edit | edit source]

Dragon's Maze

  • John Severin Brassell

Magic 2014

  • David Gaillet
  • Zack Stella
  • James Zapata


  • Magali Villeneuve
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