2012 Pro Tour Season

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2012 Pro Tour Season
Player of the Year Japan.png Yuuya Watanabe [I]
Rookie of the Year Canada.png Alexander Hayne
World Champion n/a
Hall of Fame inductions n/a
Pro Tours 2
Grand Prix events 16
Previous season:
Next season:

The 2012 Pro Tour season was the seventeenth Pro Tour season. It was a transitional season, as changes were made to the Pro Tour system (including the new World Magic Cup and Players Championship tournaments), and it was retroactively made to overlap with the latter half of the 2011 season. As such, events in 2011, starting with GP Kansas City in June, counted towards the 2012 season's races and end-of-year levels and benefits. However, the 2012 season itself started on 7 January 2012 with Grand Prix Austin, and ended on 13 May 2012 with the conclusion of Pro Tour Avacyn Restored.

2012 season changes[edit | edit source]

The season introduced a number of changes that were announced during the tail end of 2011. These include the abandonment of the DCI ratings system in favor of Planeswalker points; byes at Grand Prix events would now be awarded to players earning a sufficient number of Planeswalker points, rather than to players with a high DCI rating. For Pro Tour Dark Ascension, players could get invited by earning enough Planeswalker points, but this method of qualification was removed after that event. Pro Tours were now scheduled to be held shortly after each new Expert-level set release, with the event taking the name after that expansion rather than the host city, as had been customary in past seasons. The number of Grand Prix events was greatly increased, though the number of Pro Tour invitations awarded for each of these was substantially decreased; in past seasons, the top 16 players had qualified for an upcoming Pro Tour; in 2012, only 2-4 players per event qualified. The Pro Players Club also received an overhaul, with the new Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels replacing the old Level system.

Lastly, the World Championships and the Player of the Year race were replaced by two events: The World Magic Cup and the Magic Players Championship, with the winner of the Players Championship being considered the Player of the Year. This was somewhat altered in later seasons, however; the Player of the Year race returned, and the Players Championship was renamed into the World Championship, with the winner of the event being considered the World Champion. As such, the winner of the 2012 Magic Players Championship, Yuuya Watanabe, is considered the 2012 World Champion.

Grand Prix (January 2012)[edit | edit source]

GP Austin GP Orlando
 Date: 7–8 January 2012  Date: 14–15 January 2012
 Format: Limited  Format: Standard
 Attendance: 1044  Attendance: 926
 1. France.png Raphaël Lévy  1. United States.png Conley Woods
 2. United States.png Patrick Cox  2. United States.png Patrick Chapin
 3. United States.png Craig Edwards  3. Brazil.png Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
 4. United States.png Eric Downing  4. United States.png Stephen Mann
 5. Canada.png Jason Howden  5. United States.png Gabriel Nieves
 6. United States.png David Ochoa  6. United States.png Ben Friedman
 7. United States.png Austin Bursavich  7. United States.png Javier Adorno
 8. United States.png David Saylor  8. United States.png David Ochoa

Pro Tour Dark Ascension[edit | edit source]

10–12 February 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.

Place Player Prize Pro Points Comment
1 United States.png Brian Kibler $40,000 30 Fifth Pro Tour Top 8, second Pro Tour win
2 Brazil.png Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa $20,000 24 Ninth Pro Tour Top 8
3 United States.png Jon Finkel $12,500 22 Thirteenth Pro Tour Top 8
4 Japan.png Mamoru Nagai $12,500 22
5 Sweden.png Denniz Rachid $10,000 20
6 United States.png Matt Costa $10,000 20
7 Czech Republic.png Lukas Blohon $10,000 20
8 Netherlands.png Jelger Wiegersma $10,000 20 Fourth Pro Tour Top 8

Grand Prix (February–April 2012)[edit | edit source]

GP Kobe GP Lincoln GP Madrid GP Baltimore
 Date: 18–19 February 2012  Date: 18–19 February 2012  Date: 25–26 February 2012  Date: 25–26 February 2012
 Format: Limited  Format: Modern  Format: Limited  Format: Standard
 Attendance: 1117  Attendance: 716  Attendance: 1314  Attendance: 1545
 1. Japan.png Masahiro Hiraga  1. United States.png Bronson Magnan  1. Switzerland.png Ivo Grossholz  1. United States.png Matt Costa
 2. Japan.png Ken Yukuhiro  2. United States.png Andrew Cuneo  2. Spain.png David Garcia Copete  2. United States.png Dave Shiels
 3. Japan.png Kouji Takeishi  3. United States.png Luis Scott-Vargas  3. Netherlands.png Guido Sondag  3. United States.png Jackie Lee
 4. Japan.png Hiroaki Kitahara  4. United States.png Samuel Friedman  4. Portugal.png Fabio Rodrigues  4. United States.png Matt Scott
 5. Japan.png Katsuhiro Mori  5. United States.png Mary Jacobson  5. Germany.png Christian von Kalkstein  5. Brazil.png Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
 6. Japan.png Hiroshi Ishida  6. United States.png Samuel Karls  6. Germany.png Florian Koch  6. United States.png Max Tietze
 7. Japan.png Yuuya Watanabe  7. Canada.png Matt Mercier  7. Italy.png Marco Frantuma  7. United States.png Eric Meng
 8. Japan.png Takayuki Nagaoka  8. United States.png Derrick Rutledge  8. Czech Republic.png Martin Jůza  8. United States.png Adam Snook
GP Lille GP Seattle-Tacoma GP Indianapolis GP Nashville
 Date: 3–4 March 2012  Date: 3–4 March 2012  Date: 10–11 March 2012  Date: 17–18 March 2012
 Format: Standard  Format: Limited  Format: Legacy  Format: Limited
 Attendance: 1505  Attendance: 1160  Attendance: 1214  Attendance: 1037
 1. England.png Richard Parker  1. Canada.png Robert Smith  1. United States.png Tom Martell  1. United States.png Reid Duke
 2. France.png Simon Diaz  2. United States.png Iain Bartolomei  2. United States.png Kenny Castor  2. United States.png Todd Anderson
 3. Belgium.png Kristof Benaets  3. United States.png Jason Huang  3. United States.png Dan Jordan  3. United States.png Kyle Babin
 4. Belgium.png Tom Valkeneers  4. United States.png James Nguyen  4. United States.png Colin Chilbert  4. United States.png Josh Utter-Leyton
 5. Germany.png Manuel Mayer  5. United States.png Andrejs Prost  5. United States.png Ando Ferguson  5. United States.png Caleb Durward
 6. Germany.png Jonas Köstler  6. United States.png Paul Rietzl  6. United States.png Caleb Durward  6. United States.png Robbie Cordell
 7. Poland.png Grzegorz Kowalski  7. United States.png Henry Romero  7. Canada.png Pascal Maynard  7. United States.png Lissa Jensen
 8. Germany.png Martin Zimmermann  8. United States.png Owen Turtenwald  8. United States.png Adam Yurchick  8. Japan.png Shuhei Nakamura
GP Kuala Lumpur GP Mexico City GP Melbourne
 Date: 24–25 March 2012  Date: 24–25 March 2012  Date: 31 March–1 April 2012
 Format: Standard  Format: Limited  Format: Limited
 Attendance: 612  Attendance: 685  Attendance: 558
 1. Japan.png Yuuya Watanabe  1. United States.png Paul Rietzl  1. Australia.png David Crewe
 2. China.png Xin Sui  2. Venezuela.png Humberto Patarca  2. Australia.png Geoff Zhao
 3. Thailand.png Sutti Lee  3. United States.png Craig Wescoe  3. Australia.png Oliver Oks
 4. China.png Chao Lu  4. Mexico.png Daniel Hernandez  4. Australia.png Simon Harnden
 5. Thailand.png Sukhum Kiwanont  5. Canada.png Pascal Maynard  5. Australia.png Thomas Rafferty
 6. Taiwan.png Tzu Ching Kuo  6. Mexico.png Mario Flores  6. Australia.png Daniel Unwin
 7. Hong Kong.png Kingston Tong King Yim  7. Germany.png Gottlieb Yeh  7. Australia.png Jeremy Neeman
 8. Malaysia.png Jason Yap  8. Mexico.png Gustavo Nuñez Moreno  8. Australia.png Hao Wu
GP Turin GP Salt Lake City GP Manchester
 Date: March–1 April 2012  Date: March–1 April 2012  Date: 21–22 April 2012
 Format: Modern  Format: Standard  Format: Limited
 Attendance: 1063  Attendance: 1137  Attendance: 1028
 1. United States.png Antonino De Rosa  1. United States.png Shahar Shenhar  1. Belgium.png Alexandre Darras
 2. Germany.png Michael Thiel  2. United States.png Michael Peterson  2. Italy.png Mario Pascoli
 3. Spain.png Jose Velazquez  3. United States.png Tom Martell  3. Sweden.png Joel Larsson
 4. Italy.png Alessandro Lippi  4. United States.png James Cooper  4. Denmark.png Lasse Nørgaard
 5. Italy.png Marco Cammilluzzi  5. United States.png Michael Hetrick  5. Germany.png André Müller
 6. Switzerland.png Yann Blumer  6. United States.png Bryan Olvera  6. Belgium.png Marijn Lybaert
 7. Italy.png Alessandro Portaro  7. United States.png David Gleicher  7. Italy.png Ciro Bonaventura
 8. Switzerland.png David Progin  8. Canada.png Marcel Angelo Zafra  8. South Africa.png Adam Katz

Pro Tour Avacyn Restored[edit | edit source]

11–13 May 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

Place Player Prize Pro Points Comment
1 Canada.png Alexander Hayne $40,000 30
2 Lithuania.png Gaudenis Vidugiris $20,000 24 Second Pro Tour Top 8
3 United States.png Josh Cho $12,500 22 Pro Tour debut
4 Japan.png Ken Yukuhiro $12,500 22
5 United States.png Jon Finkel $10,000 20 Fourteenth Pro Tour Top 8
6 Sweden.png Denniz Rachid $10,000 20 Second Pro Tour Top 8
7 Austria.png Thomas Holzinger $10,000 20
8 Japan.png Naoki Shimizu $10,000 20 Second Pro Tour Top 8

Notes[edit | edit source]

^I Yuuya Watanabe is considered the 2012 Player of the Year, as he won the inaugural Players Championship event, later renamed the World Championship. However, Yuuya would have been the 2012 Player of the Year even under the traditional Player of the Year system.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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