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The year 2006 was the fourteenth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.

Events[edit | edit source]

Date Event
January 19 Wizards of the Coast files suit against Daron Rutter (screen name: rancored_elf) and several unknown persons over several card spoiler lists posted on the MTG Salvation forums.
February 3 Release of Guildpact
March 3-5 Pro Tour Honolulu, USA. Won by United States.png Mark Herberholz.
  • Start of the 2006 Pro Tour season, now overlapping with the calendar year.
March 31 Hobby Shop Lotus Kotesashi in Tokorozawa-shi, Japan, hosts the one millionth DCI-sanctioned tournament of Magic: The Gathering.
April 1 Announcement of Coldsnap, claimed to be a "lost design file" only recently found. The latter was later announced to be an April Fools joke.
April 7 Wizards of the Coast and Daron Rutter (rancored_elf) sign a settlement agreement which ends the legal action.
April 10 Release of Visions on Magic Online.
May 5 Release of Dissension
May 5-7 Pro Tour Prague, Czech Republic. Won by Japan.png Takuya Osawa.
May 10-12 Magic Invitational in Los Angeles, California, USA. Won by France.png Antoine Ruel.
  • Last Invitational to be hosted by Magic Online on the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).
June 16-18 Pro Tour Charleston, USA. Won by team Kajiharu80 (Japan.png Tomohiro Kaji, Japan.png Shota Yasooka and Japan.png Tomoharu Saito).
July 21 Release of Coldsnap
July - August Last season of the Arena League.
August 22 WotC announces another price increase for both paper and online product.
August 21 Wizards of the Coast announces a strategic partnership with Ultra Pro.
August 25 Start of The Great Designer Search.
October 6 Release of the nostalgia-themed Time Spiral.
October 20-22 Pro Tour Kobe, Japan. Won by Germany.png Jan-Moritz Merkel.
November 29 - December 3 2006 Magic World Championships in Paris, France. Won by Japan.png Makihito Mihara.
  • Team champions: Netherlands.png The Netherlands.
Player of the Year: Japan.png Shouta Yasooka.
Rookie of the Year: Germany.png Sebastian Thaler.
Hall of Fame inductees:

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