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The year 2000 was the eighth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.


Date Event
Early 2000 Launch of Magicthegathering.com
February, 4-6 Pro Tour Los Angeles. Won by Trevor Blackwell.
  • Mike Long accused of cheating during the final rounds of the Swiss Tournament.
    • This could not be proven but created much upheaval.
February, 14 Release of Nemesis.
March, 2-5. Magic Invitational in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Won by Chris Pikula.
April, 24 Release of Starter 2000, a starter-level set exclusively sold in a game box
  • A sampler pack that was released with magazines is also considered part of the set.
April, 14-16 Pro Tour New York. Won by Sigurd Eskeland.
June, 5 Release of Prophecy.
  • Considered to be a weak design.
August, 2-6 2000 World Championships in Brussels, Belgium, won by Jon Finkel.
  • Team champions: United States of America.
September An Invasion foil print sheet was auctioned on eBay weeks before the prerelease.
  • The vague picture of the sheet, which featured a split card, spawned furious discussions on the internet.
September, 29 - October, 1; Pro Tour New York, won by team Potato Nation (Scott Johns, Mike Turian and Gary Wise).
October, 2 Release of Invasion.
October Release of the Beatdown box set, containing two aggro decks.
November, 16-19 Magic Invitational in Sydney, Australia. Won by Jon Finkel.
  • Because of a change of schedules, this was the second invitational in this year
December, 1-3 Pro Tour Chicago, won by Kai Budde.
December Release of the 2000 World Championship Decks.
Player of the Year: Bob Maher, Jr.
Rookie of the Year: Brian Davis


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