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The year 1997 was the fifth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.

Events[edit | edit source]

Date Event
February 3 Release of Visions.
February Prank article in InQuest #22, starting the rumors about the color purple.
February 14-16 Duelist Invitational in Hongkong. Won by Sweden.png Olle Råde.
February 28 – March, 2 Pro Tour Los Angeles, won by Finland.png Tommi Hovi.
March Release of Fifth Edition, the first set that was advertized as an advanced-level set in the new rating system for the game sets.
March Start of the Military League.
March 22-23 First Grand Prix in Amsterdam, won by France.png Emmanuel Vernay.
April 11-13 Pro Tour Paris, won by United States.png Mike Long. First Pro Tour in Europe.
April Release of the Microprose Magic computergame, including the Astral set.
May 1 Release of Portal, the first starter-level set, with simpler rules and an other lay-out.
May 16 Opening of the Wizards of the Coast Game Center.
May 30 – June, 1 Pro Tour New York, won by Canada.png Terry Borer.
June 6 Release of Weatherlight.
Summer First Vanguard set, featured in the Arena League.
July Introduction of the Extended and Legacy formats.
July First Magic based summer camp.
August 13-17 1997 World Championships in Seattle, won by Czech Republic.png Jakub Slemr.
  • Team champions: Canada.
October 4 Prerelease of Tempest, first prerelease card: Dirtcowl Worm
October 10-12 Pro Tour Chicago, won by United States.png Randy Buehler.
October 13 Release of Tempest, the first set that was advertized as an expert-level set and the first set to be released with pre-constructed theme decks.
October 15 Wizards of the Coast lands TCG patent.
November 1 Release of the Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage computer game.
November Magic television commercials air in the USA.
December 5-7 Pro Tour Mainz, won by United States.png Matt Place.
December Release of the 1997 World Championship Decks.
December Release of the Vanguard Gift Box.
Magic: The Gathering - Armageddon arcade game created by Acclaim Entertainment.
Player of the Year: Canada.png Paul McCabe.

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